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counselling - definition
noun: counselling; noun: counseling
"the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems."

A counsellor or psychotherapist is trained to help you with all sorts of issues. Counselling services can provide valuable help and support with absolutely any part of your life.

Couselling/ psychotherapy is proven to be one of the most effective tools available, when dealing with relationship issues, depression, anxiety and most types of mental illness.

The terms, counselling and psychotherapy describe the process of talking things through with someone who is a trained professional. Sometimes the process of talking through thoughts- hearing them out loud - can help us make more sense of them, and can give us perspective and clarity on ideas that may have seemed 'fuzzy', or 'not quite formed'. Bouncing those ideas and thoughts off another person can be even more useful still. More so, when the person you are in discussion with has extensive knowledge and experience of counselling psychology and mental health.

We therapists have gone through many years of intensive training, including a long time spent in our own counselling psychotherapy, enabling us to really understand what it is like to be where our clients are. This experience helps us to understand what you, the client, might want and need from the counselling psychotherapy experience.

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I have experience of providing counselling services in many different therapeutic settings with many different client bases. Some of the issues and conditions I have helped people deal with are; relationship issues, loss and grief, fertility issues, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, loneliness and isolation, bipolar, abortion, chronic illness, abandonment, eating disorders, addictions, abuse (of many types; physical, emotional, neglect, insitutional, financial, sexual, to name a few), and many other challenges besides. Counselling psychotherapy is proven to be an extremely effective clinical approach to dealing with issues of this nature. There are many different psychotherapy techniques that help you develop strong coping strategies, and I can help you learn and make use of them.

This said, I firmly believe that every human being is an individual, and that all our thoughts and experiences are unique and should be honoured as such. So you will not ever find me 'working to a counselling text book' with planned and formulated strategies for a particular issue. My experiences give me perspective, hope, faith and confidence that we will make progress with the issues that we face together, but you are an individual and I will always promote and respect that about you whilst we journey together.

We can find ourselves coming for counselling psychotherapy at many different points in our lives and for many different reasons. For some of us it feels easy and natural, for some it can seem scary and daunting. My aim is to take the fear away and make the therapeutic process feel positive for you. I cannot promise that it will always be fun, as sometimes it is not easy work - counselling psychotherapy can involve visiting some uncomfortable emotions, and facing some unpleasant truths sometimes. But I hope to make our counselling psychotherapy as comfortable as possible for you - I hope that my warmth and empathy for you, as we undertake this work together, provides comfort and support. Ultimately I strive for the counselling psychotherapy process to always be productive, useful, and of value.

As well as having been through a rainbow of my own life experiences, I have spent years studying a blend of psychology, sociology, spirituality and philosophy. My aim has always been to understand the most important subject of all - what it is to be a human being living in the present day. As you can imagine, this vast and never ending subject is one which I can never fully know, and will always continue to be delighted and surprised by. The intensity and breadth of my studies have, however, given me deep insight, which I hope I can help you find with whichever situation you choose to bring in to our counselling psychotherapy room. My purpose is NOT to give you advice, or tell you what to do, ever. Instead I prefer to engage in honest and frank discussion with you, asking you the type of questions which will fuel your own thought process. I firmly believe that your own solutions are the ones which will work best for you, and I aim to help you find them. I can then offer you practical and reliable support while you work through them.

This philosophy of empowerment and autonomy underpins the entire premise of humanistic counselling psychotherapy.

With this in mind, my Counselling Psychotherapy approach can best be described as working from a humanistic core (with a psychodynamic slant) and will often include CBT exercises, Solution Focused Brief Therapy techniques, Mindfulness meditations, and other processes which I feel will be suitable for you and help you build your self awareness. We will work together to ascertain the correct techniques for you. With the knowledge I can help you gain, your confidence and sense of self will grow. The counselling psychotherapy process will help you feel much stronger and able to make any changes to your life that you want or need.

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"Through working with Katrina I have been able to work through many of my issues and set boundaries in my life now which have enabled me to cope much better with difficult situations . I cannot thank Katrina enough for listening and understanding and allowing me to feel it's ok to be me and for showing empathy at all times. I feel I can move forward now and know that if I need to, I can meet with her again and feel totally at ease. Thank you Katrina." (AM)

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